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Beauty is a state of mind and care


As you start a brand new chapter in life, you are immersed in happiness, curiosity and excitement. When you are pregnant, the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your body increases. Pregnancy can be accompanied by symptoms such as excessive oil build-up in pores, acne, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles and stretch marks. During pregnancy, you may find you need skin care products more than ever, but many mums-to-be reduce their use of such products due to concerns over safety. It's understandable that you may be concerned about how every chemical you put onto or into your body might jeopardize your baby's health and wellbeing. This is exactly why Mum To BeTM was created – the safest skin care products you can count on, enabling you to greet your new baby with good health and beautiful skin.    


Mum To BeTM believes safe organic formulations in skin care products will help make the pre- and post-pregnancy experience the most beautiful moments possible for all mums-to-be.  All our products are made purely from plant extracts and vitamin-enriched natural ingredients, designed to simulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and hyper-pigmentation, restore skin texture and revitalize cell elasticity. Meanwhile, Mum To BeTM’s belief in using only plant-derived ingredients offers a natural and chemical-free environment for intimate interactions between you and your little one. 


To ensure Mum To BeTM products are of the utmost quality, our formulations are developed in Australia with all our ingredients sourced from native Australian flora where possible. We also believe in offering nothing but the highest quality Australian-made products, and follow strict manufacturing standards to give our mums-to-be peace of mind during this special phase of their lives.